The Coffee

The company Pareo uses different green coffee varieties to prepare its blends. The main countries of origin are Uganda, Tanzania, India, Santos and Guatemala. Precisely, in Guatemala, we find of the most prestigious coffee: the Huehuetenango, appreciated by expert customers niche and marketed on the fair market. The Huehuetenango coffee of Guatemala belongs to the International Slow Food Presidium. Historical sources mention the cultivation of Huehuetenango, making it back to the distant 1773 by the Jesuit fathers. The Presidium coffee is made from plants of Coffee arabica (of the Typica, Bourbon and Caturra varieties) cultivated in the shade of high trees.
The coffee berries are hand-harvested, picked one by one and placed in a wicker basket tied round the harvester’s waist with a vine cord. The beans are
extracted from the berries with a gentle fermentation that begins within four hours of harvesting and lasts 24 to 36 hours. After removal of the flesh, the beans are dried for at least three hours, during which time they are constantly turned manually with a rake.